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Don't forget to comment! Here are so many members but I can't say the same about comments.

1-22 BtVS (Buffy mostly)
23-27 Sarah Michelle Gellar
28-34 Charmed Sense and Sense Ability (Paige mostly)
35-48 Roswell The White Room
49-59 Jamie Lynn Spears
60-62 Charisma Carpenter
63-65 Hayden Panattiere
66-72 Rose Mcgowan
73-75 Lost
76-77 Heroes
78-81 Jennifer Garner
82-86 Misc (for various chalenges)


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It's been a VERY long time ago since I've done this but I thought I'd bring it back. Members comment here with your birthday whenever it's a member(s) birthday I'll make you graphics I'll either go to your interests to get an idea of what to make you graphics of or you can give me ideas yourself - whatever you want. I'll probably bring the other staff in on this to help me out when it is a members birthday and I need to make graphics for them.

Comment away. This post will never close.

P.S. staff can comment here too with their birthdays =)
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86 icons - various

Hi! I`m Charlotte and I`m a new maker here (:
This is a little introductory post with some icons from different icon posts in my community.
I would say that these are the one`s I like best.
Also I wanted to mention that I post very rarely, depending on what`s going on in my life, however, when I do post, the posts are usually are over 200 icons ^_^

> Charmed
> Christina Aguilera
> Friends
> Linkin Park
> My Chemical Romance
> Beyonce
> Tyra Banks
> Lindsay Lohan
> Jennifer Garner
> Buffy
> House MD

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